How to live like a local in Helsinki?

After couple of glasses of sparkling (as any story in Finland would start) we got this idea. Travelling is wonderful, it gives perspective and new experiences. When you come home you compare what was different and you cherish the moments when you felt living like a local.

Sometimes living like a local happens through a random new friend or someone who had just a recommendation of a place, an event or thing just the locals know. Sometimes it’s a moment when you notice that things are done differently and you try it yourself too. Sometimes for someone it’s a moment livinginHEL.

We are three ladies in their 30++ and their very engaged wider family writing this blog. Two of us work and live in downtown Helsinki and one of us lives abroad. This blog is about everyday life in Helsinki so, whether you are living in Helsinki, just planning to visit the buzzing capital of Finland or considering to move here, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll bring in front of you everyday life of Helsinki through our own experiences.  

We hope you enjoy!

Anne, Anna and Marjo

P.S. If you didn’t know yet, HEL signifies those 3 magical letters of our famous airport HELsinki-Vantaa. You’ll see them first when you arrive in HELsinki. Otherwise living in Helsinki is far away from Hell, at least that’s what we and some reputable other parties think (Monocle and the Economist)

Disclaimer: We only know how we live and breathe Helsinki and we are happy to share our experiences and give you advice. However, we represent just a very small group of Finns and things we love or do don’t necessarily apply to any Finn.

Oh, and we are active in Facebook and Instagram as well #livinginhel, so join the group and share your thoughts, memories and pictures with us. If you wanted to get just updates directly to your email, just sign up for the mailing list.



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