Opening of art exhibition: Valo ja Pimeys

I really like to visit openings of art exhibitions – it is so lovely to see proud and excited artists with their works – and it is also very lovely to have glass of wine and wonder around exhibition. This exhibition I visited last Friday is situated in Crypt of Helsinki Cathedral – the place has high vaults and yes, the cellars of Helsinki Cathedral really has perfect atmosphere for exhibitions. So you can believe, when I heard about this opening, I decided visiting this opening was great way to start my weekend.

This time there is an exhibition by students of the University of Arts Helsinki (Kuvataide Akatemia). The name for exhibition is “Valo ja Pimeys” which could be translated as “Light and darkness”. There are many art works I really like, but I think my favourite piece is large oil on canvas work called Obscura made by Riikka Salminen. There are 12 pieces of art and they present different styles – paintings, moving images, installations. And as I said earlier the surroundings are so beautiful – you have to pay special attention to them!

Riikka Salminen Obscura

Obscura by Riikka Salminen


How to visit this exhibition by yourself? Address is Kirkkokatu 18, so it is in downtown. It isn’t the main façade of Tuomiokirkko you find crypt – you really have to know the address to find the right door. The exhibition is open 5-18.3.2016 and entry is free.


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