I am – once again – writing about how to spend perfect evening in Helsinki. This time I am writing how to spend a perfect “upper scale evening” – what I am writing about is not fanciest in Helsinki but very nice indeed. This time the title is not “After work in Helsinki part III” although it could be since I think this kind of evening is best to have on Saturday.

Perfect place to start for this kind of evening is Bar Kämp. The address of this elegant bar is Pohjoisesplanadi 29 and it is in downtown Helsinki. Bar Kämp is part of hotel Kämp but most of the customers are not the hotel visitors. I’d say half of the people are foreigners and half Finnish. Middle age is around 50 years, so if you want to find young trendy people – this is not the place. However, if you want to relax for a while and enjoy very beautiful bar and feelings of luxury – this is the place to visit. You may also order some food from next located Brasserie Kämp. The place is perfect for couples, business guests and also for group of friends. Bar Kämp is also pretty common place for after works for those who want something fancier than Milli Miglia (which I wrote last time – also a great place but different style compared to Bar Kämp).

Chef & Sommelier He

After drinks we headed to Huvilakatu 28 (Ullanlinna district in southern Helsinki), where Restaurant Chef & Sommelier is situated. It was my first dinner in this lovely restaurant. Before I had heard many positive feedbacks and yes – I totally agree. Right in the beginning I want to give “a warning” for you – restaurant is very tiny so you absolutely have to book in advance! Restaurant concentrates on organic ingredients and many of them were also near by products – my friend had dessert with parsnip grown next to her summer villa near in Helsinki. Restaurant recommends to have four- or five course menus, but it is also possible to choose one with three, seven or nine courses. We chose five course menu with three glasses of wine recommended by waitress.

You can see menu below but unfortunately it is in Finnish. I may tell you that there were game and reindeer as well as fish and many different root vegetables – very Finnish ingredients. Staff kindly told us that it is also possible to choose vegetarian menu if preferred.

Menu Chef & Sommelier

Food was just delicious and staff was wonderful – lots of stories of ingredients and different courses. I am not specialist in wines but in my understanding restaurant has fine wineselection – I really liked the wines recommended with our dinner. I let the pictures speak this time – and recommend this restaurant to everyone wanting to have very delicious and wonderful evening in Helsinki.

It is almost Easter – if coming to Helsinki next weekend it is better to check how restaurants, museums and shops are open – many people are escaping Helsinki during Easter holidays!






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