Best terrace in Helsinki




Want to enjoy sunny day in Helsinki – admire sea, eat something small and have some wine, beer or cup or coffee? Best place for that is Mattolaituri Terrace! This terrace is located in southern Helsinki next to sea and lovely Park Kaivopuisto. Mattolaituri as a word means in Finnish “a dock where you wash rugs”. You see, it is Finnish tradition to wash your rugs in mattolaituri during the summer. I can still remember washing rugs with my mother as a kid – but not at this mattolaituri. Next to Terrace Mattolaituri there is a real mattolaituri. So during the summer you can actually see people washing their rugs and there are always some rugs getting dry next to terrace.

Mattolaituri is designed only for sunny days – since it is only a terrace it is closed during the winter and rainy days. Place is a bit pricy (but considering how lovely the view is, not too pricy) and that is why you normally find a chair to sit down. However, in warm summer evenings it is crowded with people.

When we decided to have this blog with Marjo and Anne we sat in Mattolaituri Terrace and admired the sea and lovely sun in the evening (and later the moon…) and we really got the feeling Helsinki is something we want to write, photo and share with you Dear Readers.


Nice views




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