About Us

Welcome to HEL!

If you came here looking for what Helsinki, Finland really is like…well, you’ve come to the right place.

We like Helsinki. No. We downright love it. Our hometown, big enough not to be a village, small enough not to be a city. Different from all the rest. Our Stadi, Helsinki, Helsingfors, or as all you who travel know it, HEL.

This isn’t your garden variety travel blog. This is a journal of our life in Helsinki, Finland. This is a journal of discovery as we explore our own home town. It’s sights and sounds, history, culture, clubbing, bars, trams, restaurants, things off the beaten path, ideas for what to do, how and where to travel. We don’t follow a plan, we publish what we’ve found interesting and enjoyable, be it big or small.

So here it starts, welcome to HEL!

p.s. We write about Helsinki city, nature, restaurants, bars etc. because we absolutely love Helsinki. All commercial cooperations will be clearly marked in the posts.