After work in Helsinki part I

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after work in Helsinki

Tuesday I had planned to have dinner with friends after work. However I had to be in Copenhagen for work that day so I didn’t make it for dinner. I still wanted to see my friends – so we had drinks after their dinner, right after my plane landed. We decided to visit Bar Llamas which I’ll describe as cosy bar with South-American twist. Since we wanted to share with each other what’s going on, we wanted a place where one can easily talk. For that Bar Llamas works perfectly – music is not too loud.


Llamas is very nice for afterworks as well as for weekend drinks. One can also order a nacho plate (haven’t tasted that but good to remember this place is for drinking not for culinary experiences). There are also couple of swings but since the bar is tiny, they are more for sitting. If you are trying to find a place for drinks after fine dining this is probably not a best place for you. However I felt okay with my business clothes – even though they fit perfectly neither atmosphere nor the surroundings – generally people are dressed more relaxed way. I’d say most of the people are 35years +/- ten years. At weekends it can be pretty crowded. During the week you will probably find a chair and a table for you and your company. Bottle of sparkling wine was 22 euros which is very reasonable price in Finland. I have understood they also have some interesting drinks, some even with a Finnish twist but I am not a great cocktail drinker – to hear more about those you have to wait a post from somebody else than me…

Bar Llamas

The address for Bar Llamas is Iso Roobertinkatu 14. It is situated in the heart of Punavuori which is very trendy district in Helsinki – lots of restaurants, lovely stores and bars and as Marjo just wrote, lots of people working in advertising agencies. This is an area we’ll be writing a lot in the future.