Music Festivals in HEL – Tuska

The other high-class gem of Summer, besides the world-famous Flow, is all metalheads’ perennial favorite — Tuska Open Air Metal Festival.  Both events take place in the same venue, Suvilahti a few kilometers to the north and east of city center. Drawing a crowd of around 30.000, it’s now in its 18th year and a perfect way to kick off the summer vacay season.

There’s something magical about the mix of a brightly sunlit summer day and a constant battery  of death, black, grind, thrash, industrial, old school metal and more from three stages — two big ones and a club.


With Finland being the most metal country in the world it’s perhaps no wonder Tuska works as well as it does. Every year, bands ranging from the experimental to the obscure, from home-grown favorites to chart-toppers, there’s something for everyone.

Given the urban setting, everything is easily accessible, facilities from bars to shops to food are great, plus there are no muddy fields with tents. After a day of moshing to the best, you still have time to hit the bars.

IMG_3189.JPGIMG_3133.JPGIMG_2963.JPGWhat’s more, the city edicts finally allow the bands to play until midnight on Fri & Sat. If you’re in town already the week before, there’s extra gigs all week, and after-festival clubs, too.

Check out the lineup from — it’s on this year from 1 to 3 July.

Oh, and senior citizens get free entry.